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Past Performers

Haiko Hörnig

Born 1984 in Ludwigshafen Germany, Haiko mainly grew up in his dad’s comic book shop. Surrounded by musky old paper, and a plethora of weirdos, he quickly developed a passion for sequential art. Years later, he studied American literature and stuff in Mainz, a thinly veiled excuse to spend lots of his free time creating comics himself. Haiko is the author of a weekly webcomic. Currently, he is writing in third person, because he thinks that’s kinda cool.

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Past Performers //
Charlotte Steggall
Charlotte Steggall only sticks around to make sure the comedy boys wash their hands before dinner and behave themselves on stage. You can often find her on stage with them, wondering out loud about daily life. 

Born near to Cambridge, England, she lived in Japan for a number of years before coming to Frankfurt for work. You can find her at her blog, Sherbet and Sparkles.
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João Paulo
João Paulo, or Joaaao for his German friends, is your typical average socially awkward guy that enjoys overanalyzing the world around him, in excruciating detail, and extracting the fun part out of it, or weren't he a Chemical Engineer making video-games. Already very talented at the age of 16, he tried to write a huge 300 page romance but only got 16 pages done, and those were awful already, so he started a humor blog instead. Many, many, many, many years later, he is now taking his jokes on stage, with a little help from his Portuguese imaginary friends.
Fabio is a multilingual comedian who speaks Italian, Sicilian and English with a very strong Italian accent. His comedy focuses primarily on his travel adventures, crossing massive language barriers and his pleasant yet peculiar interaction with international people.
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