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English Stand Up Comedy Open Mic Night Guideline provides some valuable principle of behavior and tips that will help us make the show a successful one! Please read them carefully!

Open Mic Guideline for Performers


            > Please sign up by emailing the organizer of the event using the contact page. You can also sign up on the

               facebook group or connect with the host. Signing up allows you to book your slot when you would perform.

            > If you did not sign up, you won't receive an open slot.


            > Comedians, please show up on time to make it easier for the host to stitch and plan the evening. At the very  

               least, we recommend you to show up 10 minutes prior to your slot.



            > DO NOT make any negative comments about the club, size of the audience etc...  Not only is it disrespectful to

               the club that is giving you stage time, it  is an insult to the audience and makes them feel like they are at a

               substandard show.

​o TIME SLOT: How much time you get is dependent on how many people have signed up, what your experience level is, whether you are a regular performer or a newbie, etc.


           > If this is your first time on stage, we recommend you to try a 2 min spot as an audience member during our

              warm-up session. This allows you to get a vibe of being on stage and you aren't enforced to be original.

              However, if you take the open mic spot, you have to do original material.

            > On the open mic spot, we recommend you a slot of 3-5 minute. This experience will help you determine    

               whether you can jump to the 10-15 minute slot next time or still have to practice few times on smaller time


            > Occasionally we may give a 10-15 minute set to an experienced comedian with time permitting or the chance  

               to perform more than one set. 


            > Try not to exceed your allotted time slot especially if the host asked you as we would like to give chance to all

               the performers. We would like to build a healthy relationship with all performers. :-)

            > STICK TO YOUR TIME.  You are responsible for knowing how long you have been on stage.  Your set needs to be

               tailored to the amount of time you are allotted.



            > BE QUIET WHILE YOUR FELLOW COMEDIANS ARE ON STAGE.  Obviously this is just disrespectful. If you

               absolutely must talk to someone please go outside. If you are a smoker, you can also go to the smoking


o EARNINGS FROM THE HAT: At some point during the performance, we pass around a HAT to collect money for our performers to encourage them and support them for entertaining us.

            > A % will be deducted from the share of the money collected in the hat. This % takes into account -

               website maintenance, domain registration, flyers, etc.

            > The remaining money collected from the HAT will be equally distributed among the signed up performers.
               Please stay till 
the end of the show to collect your share of the money otherwise it won't be delivered to you.
               We won't keep
track of the money after the show night!


            > While you should expose yourself to as many comedians as possible in the beginning, keep in mind that you

               want to be original. Be wary of copying other comics you see -- not simply plagiarizing material, but also

               mimicking their styles or delivery. The world already has a Mitch Hedberg or a Chris Rock. You should bring

               something new to the table.


             > Open mics are a great way to try out new material in front of an audience, and a great way to meet and mingle

               with other comedians. You should leave your attitudes and egos at home and come out to make people laugh

               with your jokes and have a great time.


In closing...

Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy all had to start somewhere, didn't they? An open mic to a comic is like beginning your career as an assistant director or a film editor. Only few make it to become a professional director. You go up cold and usually un-funny, and relish any sound that might be a snicker or a laugh. But that's usually all it takes and you're hooked on the late nights and working hard to get more laughs.

We're looking forward to seeing you on stage soon.



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